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REMPLAN Data Update – 2016 Estimated Residential Population

We are pleased to advise you that REMPLAN online public-access economic and community profiles have now been updated with the latest Estimated Residential Population data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).
This REMPLAN update includes the ABS’ recently released 2016 Estimated Residential Population data, which was revised based on the 2016 Census results.
To access the population data via the online profiles, select the ‘Trends’ tab towards the top right of the screen, then select ‘Population’ from the sub-menu. Please click on the image below for an example of the data, as shown on the online economic profiles:
Please click on the image below for an example of the data, as shown on the online community profiles:

Subscribers to REMPLAN Economy staff login software are also able to access the population data. To view the data within your REMPLAN Economy software, please go to and enter your work email address and REMPLAN password. Select a region to use from the ‘Regions’ tab (located towards the top of the screen). The 2016 Estimated Residential Population is shown in the ‘Economic Overview’ within the right hand side information pane (see below).

The team at REMPLAN are here to respond to any questions regarding this update, as well as the recent release of the ABS 2016 Census data.  We are also available to provide REMPLAN software training, presentations and management briefings on your area’s economy.  
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