REMPLAN are specialists in providing area-specific data. We are a team of economists, planners, demographers, economic development specialists, analysts and software developers who create online analytical tools and information resources.

Specialists in Area-Specific Data

Our goal at REMPLAN is to provide people with access to the information needed to make important decisions.

Our products and services are delivered based on three guiding principles: providing an exceptional level of support for clients; transparency and rigour in the use of data, and; flexibility and ease of access to information.

At REMPLAN, we pride ourselves in providing a level of service that is second-to-none. When you subscribe to any REMPLAN product, your access is not limited to our software. As part of all subscriptions, our clients are also provided with unlimited access to our experienced team to help them use REMPLAN products in the most effective manner. Coupled with regular training delivered at your organisation, we believe our approach is consistent with our belief that the level of support offered to clients is just as important as the product.

Our data is transparent. Every regional economic model we build includes the database that underpins all reports, graphs, charts as well as the impact modelling. These databases are easily accessible by any user and can be copied and distributed to third parties such as government agencies and universities. Our philosophy is that this external scrutiny is the best mechanism to generate feedback and insights into how the data could be improved to the benefit of all our clients. This approach, which allows our method to be tested and verified by others, is fundamental to the robustness of REMPLAN and the recognition of the data by state and federal government agencies.

Data contained in your software is not fixed at a point in time. All software is updated as a matter of course with the latest data from the Australia Bureau of Statistics and other government agencies when it becomes available. This means that all our clients have access to information that is current, consistent across time periods and comparable across regions.

Finally, we aim to build products that are engaging, informative and easy to use. Users of our products vary greatly and include economic development and planning practitioners in local, state and federal government agencies, consulting firms, university researchers and students. Therefore, we aim to provide software that allows users to readily access the information they need. We are constantly aiming to improve the user experience of our products and provide the features that our clients require to perform their roles.

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In 1999 Ian Pinge, Senior Economics Lecturer at La Trobe University, was undertaking research into the implications of electronic gambling machines on the City of Greater Bendigo regional economy.

For this task Ian required a model of Bendigo’s regional economy to identify the supply chain linkages that existed between specific sectors. However, at that time no existing model applied an appropriate methodology for the task. Through his peer-reviewed research the first iteration of the regional economic model that was to become REMPLAN was developed.

Meet the Team


Matthew Nichol
(B.Bus (Hons)), Director and Principal Economist
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Matthew has been working in regional economics since his work with Ian Pinge developing and supporting early versions of REMPLAN and associated research and consulting commissions. Matthew specialises in applied research and consulting, new product and service development (Tourism Module, Gap Module, Workforce Module, Public Access Online Economic Profile), training and education.

Matthew is currently working on projects that integrate regional economic development with strategic planning at a municipal level.

Tony Moore
(B.Bus), Director and Principal Economist

Tony has been working in regional economics since 2003 when he joined the Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities at La Trobe University. Amongst his work in developing and supporting REMPLAN, Tony has focused on making REMPLAN user friendly and easy to understand. Tony specialises in the compilation of regional matrices for input into REMPLAN, ongoing development of the REMPLAN software product (visually and functionally), sales presentations and training, detailed analysis of regional economies using REMPLAN, desktop research and primary data gathering through locally designed survey instruments and the preparation of data for various reports and consultancies.


Teresa Bullock-Smith
(B.Econ), Principal Economist
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Teresa is a qualified Economist and has extensive economic research, consulting and strategic experience having held senior management positions in both the private and public sectors. Teresa’s expertise include: strategic economic planning and analysis, demographic market analysis and forecasting. Teresa also has a focus on developing models, including the Population, Housing and Dwelling Forecasts; Infrastructure Services and Impact Model (ISIM); and the Rapid Benefit Cost Ratio Model and making these available for clients.

Teresa manages the Queensland REMPLAN office on the Gold Coast at Robina. The Robina office services our Queensland and New South Wales clients who are using REMPLAN products as well as providing additional consulting resources to our clients at the national level.

Arlette White

Arlette is an economist with experience working within the Queensland State Government, working in cooperation with local governments, and as a consultant. Arlette has extensive experience working within the Queensland State Government in the field of industry development and regional economic development. Arlette has been involved with managing infrastructure funds for local government projects, analysis of economic policy and the identification of key industries for driving regional economic growth.

Based in REMPLAN’s Queensland office, Arlette’s core strengths include: statistical analysis, database management analysis, Economic Impact Assessment, Cost Benefit Analysis, preparation of Business Cases and policy development.

Jack Doyle
Economic Researcher

Jack is a economics graduate who has worked on various projects analysing complex economic data for local and state government clients. Jack has a keenly developed understanding of available datasets and how these can be applied and presented to provide insights into the workings of broad economies or specific industries.

Researchers and Analysts

Shayne Campi
Senior Analyst
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Shayne’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate Diploma in Education. Shayne’s previous experience in case management and job placement in the employment services industry has resulted in a strong interest in the labour force. Previous studies in Vocation Education and Training also underpin her keen interest in business administration.

Shayne is responsible for building REMPLAN’s workforce data sets, as well as undertaking consultancy projects and providing insights into the economy’s workforce. Shayne has excellent customer service skills, responding to customer queries with quality information and advice.

Shayne plays a lead role in building and maintaining the 1991-2016 Census database that underpins our new REMPLAN Community products.

Danielle Hartland
(MBA), Senior Analyst
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Danielle works in REMPLAN’s Queensland office, providing support to clients of the REMPLAN economic and community modelling system.  Danielle is also working on research and consulting projects for clients including economic impact assessments, workforce profiling, skills gap analysis, statistical analysis and report writing.

Prior to joining REMPLAN, Danielle’s expertise has been in socio-economic analysis, with a comprehensive approach taken to identify and evaluate potential project constraints and opportunities early in the process.

Phillipa Allan
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Phillipa is in charge of HR at REMPLAN as well as driving many of our in-house projects. Phillipa also supports many of our consultancy projects with her experience in project management and research.

Qualified in business and education, Phillipa provides an important set of skills that supports REMPLAN’s products and services.

Urban Planners, Strategists and Economic Development Specialists

Nick Byrne
(M Env Plg, B App Sci MPIA), Principal Consultant
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Nick is a strategic planner with extensive experience working within State and Local Government settings and as a private consultant. Nick has a breadth of experience that has included strategic land use planning, business case strategy and preparation, City Centre place making, integrated transport planning and regional policy development.

Nick’s part in the REMPLAN team strengthens the link between economics and planning. Nick provides ongoing support for product development and leads a range of consultancy activities.

Neil McNish
Principal Consultant
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Neil is an experienced economic development practitioner having worked in local and state government as well as private enterprise in both Australia and overseas.  Neil’s comprehensive skill set includes strategy development, project management, investment attraction, venture capital funding, stakeholder management, financial analysis, marketing and promotion.

Neil is a qualified commercial lawyer with international business experience in the UK, western, central and eastern Europe, and Australia. Neil leads the REMPLAN office in South Australia, with a focus on delivering services and support to our clients in South Australia and Western Australia.

Chris Kelly
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Chris is a qualified town planner with experience in local government settings as a statutory planner and as a director of his own development company supporting project management, land use feasibility and project approvals. Chris also lectures for La Trobe University’s Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning Degree.

Software Developers

David Wallis
(B.App.Sci(Comp)), Software Developer

David is based in our Robina office and is the lead software developer for the REMPLAN subscription products. Over the years he has single handedly developed REMPLAN Economy versions 2 and 3, including the transition of REMPLAN Economy 3 into an online “cloud” application.

Shannan Finley
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Shannan is based in our Bendigo office and is responsible for the programming and development of REMPLAN’s software products. Shannan has a comprehensive understanding of a broad range of coding languages which is applied to the ongoing improvements and upgrades made to REMPLAN software.

Shannan draws on his considerable experience in the development of customised information management systems as well as his knowledge of graphic and web design to deliver ongoing improvements to REMPLAN’s suite of software products.

Martyn McDonnell
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Martyn is one of our in-house developers based in our Bendigo office. Martyn has extensive experience in the scoping, planning and development of web-based applications for a range of industries.

Martyn now focuses the ongoing development and improvements of REMPLAN software user interface and management system.