Stay updated with the latest updates to REMPLAN software, and updates to Census data.

2016 Census Update  –  REMPLAN Community Public Access Profiles

Following the ABS’ release of 2016 Census demographic data, REMPLAN are pleased to advise that REMPLAN Community Public Access Profiles now include the 2016 Census results for your region. The update includes 2016 Census results for smaller geographic areas within your region, including custom geographies.

Explore your region through the Community Public Access Profile (, and..

..see what the 2016 Census says about the communities within your small geographic areas (including custom geographies).

REMPLAN Community Software – new look
To complement this major data update REMPLAN have launched a
new look interface with improved functionality. So log on and explore your local area and find out just how it has changed overtime.

Further REMPLAN 2016 Census updates
  • In October 2017 the ABS has scheduled a second release  of 2016 Census which will detail place of work by industry data. This data is a key input into REMPLAN data sets and all client data will be updated at this time.
  • February 2018, the ABS is scheduled to release the Socio Economic Index for Areas (SEIFA) based on the 2016 Census data.
The team at REMPLAN are here to respond to any questions regarding the ABS 2016 Census update.  We are also available to provide REMPLAN software training, presentations and management briefings.  

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