Case Studies

Bendigo Tennis Centre

Bendigo is a major regional municipality in central Victoria with a population of over 110,000 people.


The Bendigo Tennis Complex had been experiencing consistent growth in participation and an expanding calendar of events. However, the condition of the existing facility was limiting the ability of the complex to host high level tournaments and provide appropriate amenities for players.

Being one of many sporting facilities across the country that wanted to upgrade and improve their facilities, the Bendigo Tennis Association needed an assessment of their situation to develop an authoritative and convincing business case that would put them in the best position to gain funding that was needed for their upgrades.

Project Goals

The City of Greater Bendigo and the Bendigo Tennis Association were seeking a final $2 million in funding to undertake a $6.1 million upgrade to the complex that included new and refurbished courts, a new pavilion with multipurpose facilities, new grandstands, court lighting and expanded car parking and landscaped marquee areas.

The project aimed to prepare a compelling, evidence-based business case that demonstrated how the upgrade would have positive effects in regard to health, inclusiveness, social wellbeing and economic outcomes.


The final $2 million of funding was secured through a successful application to the National Stronger Regions Fund, a competitive grant program delivered by the federal government. Combined with funds already committed from the City of Greater Bendigo, the Department of Sport and Recreation and Tennis Australia/Bendigo Tennis Association, the Bendigo Tennis Complex upgrade was completed in 2017.

With the new and upgraded facilities, the Bendigo Tennis Complex has capacity to host International Tennis Association sanctioned events as well as providing for the development of new players from the local region. Access to the grant funding has cemented the Complex’s position as a regionally significant tennis facility.

REMPLAN’s Involvement

REMPLAN was engaged to prepare the business case that supported the successful funding application. REMPLAN economic impact modelling software was utilised to estimate economic benefits of the project while a comprehensive analysis of the government policy, sporting participation statistics and socio-demographic data was undertaken to present social benefits that could result from the project.

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