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Strategic Planning and Analysis

REMPLAN Economy has much to offer urban and regional economies in terms of the analysis of the inter-relationship of the various sectors and in identifying strategies for sustainable development. It also offers a cost-effective set of tools capable of measuring the impact of new industries in terms of overall benefits and the way they will impact on individual sectors of the area’s economy.


A Area’s economic strengths may be embodied in certain economic sectors which can be readily identified through . Some of these sectors might have more influence than others in terms of the relative levels of output, wages and salaries and employment area. Some sectors may have strong linkages with other sectors, either backward linkages where they are important purchasers of the intermediate outputs of other sectors  or they have forward linkages where the output of the sector is an important input for another sectors . Some sectors may be strong exporters to other area or overseas.

Any changes in these identified sectors may result in stronger than average impacts on the rest of the regional economy. Through REMPLAN Economy, the identification of these sectors will assist in developing economic opportunities and strategies for the area.


Economic weaknesses can be identified through REMPLAN. The model can be used to identify industry sectors where there may be an over-reliance or those that are unstable or threatened. REMPLAN Economy can be used to identify if an area should be striving for economic specialisation or diversity which is closely linked to the relative size of the area, the availability of factor endowments and the proximity and degree of cooperation with surrounding areas.


The benefit of REMPLAN economic modelling is that it not only assists in the identification process, but also allows the opportunity to measure the likely impacts of strategies in terms of benefits to regional output, wages and salaries, employment and value added to ensure that the outcomes, which most closely match the goals of the area, can be identified. If employment growth is an important goal to the area, then various options can be modelled and their employment outcomes compared. If economic diversity is the goal, then those options that best serve that goal can be identified and quantified.

This ability to model the effects of proposed changes and new economic ventures can also help in attracting new industries to the area or in supporting a case for government assistance. The ability to be able to spell out the expected economic impacts of these proposals and quantify these in economic terms is considered a very strong opportunity in itself.


The ability to be able to identify and measure the likely impact of proposed threats to a area is a very powerful tool. Issues such as increased global competition, climatic conditions, government cutbacks, falling competitiveness of local industries, fluctuating commodity prices, technological change and the drift of resources away from the area are all possible scenarios for change representing potential threats to an area’s economy. The ability to identify, quantify and devise strategies to counter or mitigate these threats is one that marks the difference between successful and unsuccessful areas, of the empowered and unempowered.

What is REMPLAN Economy used for?

  • Add weight to funding and grant applications, media releases and feasibility studies
  • Generate detailed local economic data and maps to promote the area
  • Analyse the economic impacts of potential developments or industry closures
  • Identify the contribution of existing business and industries
  • Understand the spatial distribution of industries across the area
  • Identify opportunities for import replacement and value adding
  • Generate economic profiles for sub regions, such as town centres and commercial hubs.

How to apply REMPLAN

Generating Economic Profiles

  • Attracting investment - industry and marketing
  • Input to business and financial cases
  • Providing timely data to media
  • Benchmarking to strengthen regional cooperation

Impact Modelling

  • Assess ‘What if‘scenarios
  • Modelling the economic impacts of developments or industry closures
  • Providing the economic case to support project and developments  e.g. the impact and flow on effects of construction / new jobs created during an operational phase

Economic Development Strategies

  • Impact modelling to assess the likely implication of recommended actions
  • Identifying import replacement and value adding opportunities
  • Benchmarking with other areas
  • Adding weight to funding applications

Who's using REMPLAN?

REMPLAN is used by councils, government departments and private businesses all across Australia. Here are just some of our clients.
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