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The Work profile provides insights into your community across a number of industrial and economic measures including: employment status; employment type; industry of employment; occupations; method of commute; unpaid volunteer work; and hours worked. The ‘work’ profile provides insights regarding your areas workforce comparative strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities for training.

REMPLAN Economy Workforce Module provides industry driven data for the working population. The REMPLAN Community Work profile data is resident driven and includes data for the working and non-working resident population.

The mapping function allows the geography to become the driver of the information, with the option to breakdown the broader area into smaller Statistical Areas (SA’s) to create sub profiles of zones / precincts / place to obtain area specific work data.

Charts, graphs, tables and explanatory text are automatically generated which can be copied and pasted into standard office software applications.

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REMPLAN is used by councils, government departments and private businesses all across Australia. Here are just some of our clients.
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At REMPLAN we are a team of economists, demographers and software developers. We develop online analytical tools and information resources for economic development and planning practitioners in local, state and federal government agencies, consulting firms, university researchers and students.

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