Delivering detailed insights into your region’s economy and the industries and people that drive it.

Model the economic impacts of major projects, business investments, events and festivals.

A Powerful Suite of Resources

REMPLAN Economy is a powerful suite of resources used to analyse and benchmark the industries and businesses that form your economy. Thousands of people apply REMPLAN Economy’s accurate and up-to-date resources, enabling timely evidence based decision making about where to Live, Work and Invest. 

REMPLAN Economy supports strategy, funding submissions, marketing and communications, investment attraction and site selection. See the features of REMPLAN Economy below.

Analyse Industry & Workforce

Understand your local economy & the people that it depends on.

REMPLAN Economy provides valuable insights into the performance of key sectors in your region’s economy. Underpinned by the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), REMPLAN Economy delivers estimates of employment, output, wages & salaries, imports, exports and gross regional product for 114 industries.

Compare education, occupation and incomes for your workforce and benchmark with other regions to identify targeted opportunities for education, training and skilled migration.

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Model Economic Impacts

Discover the value tourism brings into the local economy.

Model the economic impacts of projects and investments, large and small, to understand the likely direct and flow-on implications for the economy of your area, the wider region and the state. Economic impacts are presented in terms of employment, output, wages & salaries and gross regional product. Analysis provides valuable inputs into grant funding applications, business cases, cost-benefit analysis, assessment of development applications and strategic planning.

REMPLAN Economy is used by many state and federal funding agencies to support their assessments of funding submissions.

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Assess the Value of Tourism and Events

Discover the value tourism brings into the local economy.

Define tourism’s contributions to employment and economic output across industry sectors such as retail, accommodation, cultural & recreational services and transport.

Demonstrate the value of events, festivals and attractions in your region to help develop strategies and support funding submissions to further expand the role and contributions of tourism.

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Capture Business Insights

Gain insights into businesses operating in your region.

REMPLAN Economy incorporates an easy to use and maintain business database. Australian government clients are able to upload their Australian Business Register (ABR) data and REMPLAN delivers insights into the industries and locations of the businesses operating in their region.

ABR data updates are available weekly allowing regular reports to be generated about the number and type of new businesses being established in your region. The database is also a communications resource, enabling the targeted distribution of information regarding supplier, investment and grant funding opportunities.

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Identify Gaps and Opportunities

Understand your local industries’s supply chains.

Recognise the degree to which goods and services are sourced locally, from the rest of Australia and overseas to discover potential high value and realistic opportunities to replace imports with local production. Explore strategies to grow the local economy through expanding value adding activities and job creation.

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Public Access

REMPLAN’s public access profiles give a snapshot of your local area to help you promote your economy and attract investment.

Provide insights into your area for a general audience with easy-to-understand explanations and commentary.

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