REMPLAN Community

Delivering comprehensive insights into the unique demographic characteristics of the people in your communities.

Model the socio-economic impacts of housing developments, and assess the dwelling demand impacts of population changes.

Shape the Future

REMPLAN Community is an industry-leading demographic resource that provides a detailed insights and analysis for local communities. Building upon Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data from 1991 – 2016, REMPLAN Community is applied by thousands of people across government and private organisations to help them understand the unique characteristics of their communities and how places are changing over time. These insights provide a powerful evidence base to guide the provision of services and infrastructure, to to attract investment, inform site selection and to plan for the future.

Understand Key Demographic Changes

Learn about your communities, and how they are changing over time.

Gain insights and benchmark population data such as age, birthplace, migration, language and relationships to understand the people who live in a specific location. Building an understanding of your communities’ specific requirements for services and infrastructure. Apply these insights to target service provision, attract investment, support funding submissions and inform strategy and planning.

Identify the industries that employ your local residents as well as the people who work in your area but live elsewhere. Generate insights into employment status, methods of travel, occupations, incomes and commuting patterns. Examine workforce strengths and gaps to understand opportunities for targeted education, training and skill migration.

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Explore Social & Wellbeing Indicators

Understand community wellbeing and create positive change.

Observe key indicators of wellbeing, such as household income, SEIFA indexes, need for assistance and youth engagement in order to understand the social environment and assist with service delivery and community development.

Undertake comparative analysis by interrogating data across time periods and benchmark geographies. Easily export your findings as graphs and charts or save and share within your team.

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Model Housing & Population Impacts

Test scenarios of population and housing change with impact modelling tools.

Model the characteristics of the resident population of new housing developments. Presentation of data as population by age and dwelling type provides a better understanding of the likely amenities and services required by new residents. This analysis delivers powerful insights for planning and negotiating developer contributions.

Gain insights into the propensity of new residents to be engaged in the workforce and estimate their likely economic contributions to your region.

Test likely demand for types of housing resulting from population growth to facilitate appropriate development and make strategic interventions.

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Forecast Population & Employment

REMPLAN Community is a foundation upon which forecasts of population, households and dwellings are generated.

REMPLAN Forecast includes projections of your region (and smaller planning areas / suburbs) from 2016 to 2036 for population by age, household types and size of dwellings.

Local, state and federal government agencies use population, household and dwelling forecasts to assist in planning for services and infrastructure as well as providing a framework for assessing future needs for residential and commercial land, housing and public utilities.

Companies, organisations and individuals apply REMPLAN Forecast to help decide where and when to Live, Work and Invest.

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Public Access

REMPLAN’s public access profiles give a snapshot of your local area to help you promote your economy and attract investment.

Provide insights into your area for a general audience with easy-to-understand explanations, commentary and sharing features.

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