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Re-release of 2016 Census Place of Work data is now in Community Software

Place of Work data update: Round 2!

Since the re-release of the detailed 2016 Census Place of Work data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) last Saturday, we have been processing away to get the data ready for input into your REMPLAN Community software. We are pleased to announce that all Community Software and Public Profile products have now been updated with this new data.

How much has the data changed?
The question on many people’s minds is, ‘So, how much has the data changed from its initial released in late November compared with its subsequent re-release by the ABS on Saturday?’

The short answer is, quite a lot.

On analysing the data at state and local government levels we observed some relatively minor differences in the total number of jobs.  However, on examining the distribution of jobs across industry sectors more significant differences are evident.  Across sectors with smaller numbers of jobs we have seen some large differences between the initial data and the re-released data, sometimes up to 50%. For industries with more people working in them, the differences were generally smaller in proportionate terms, however in instances, still up around 10%.

What should I do if I have prepared reports and analysis based on the initial Place of Work data released by the ABS in late November?

The advice by the REMPLAN team is to take the same approach as us.  That is, due to the significant degree to which the data has changed, disregard any previous work based on the initial data and start again with the re-released data.

Community POW update

Updates to REMPLAN Economy software and public Economy Profiles

We are still working on updating all Economy software and Economy Profiles with this re-released Place of Work data. Due to the nature of the economic modelling that sits behind the Economy software, this takes some more time for us to prepare. However, we are still on track to have all REMPLAN  Economy software and public Economy Profiles updated by 20th December 2017.

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