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REMPLAN Community Profile Update

The team at REMPLAN are pleased to announce the first update of REMPLAN Community Profiles following the initial launch in July this year.

This update incorporates feedback from clients and one of the changes we have implemented is that ‘not applicable’ cohorts are switched off by default.  This allows the charts, graphs, maps and tables to provide more informative insights into the characteristics of local communities.  The ‘not applicable’ category can be switched on and off as required, please refer to the example below:

To switch on the ‘not applicable’ category, click on the ‘Show Not Applicable’ tick box on the left (this is circled in red below).  Please note that the ‘not applicable’ category is now shown in the pie chart below and the values and percentage are adjusted accordingly. 

Feel free to explore some examples of REMPLAN Community Profiles:
Please note: there are a number of REMPLAN economic and demographic packages. This update applies only to REMPLAN Community Profiles.
For more information regarding REMPLAN Community Profiles, please contact the team at REMPLAN 1300 737 443.

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